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Name:Traditional Wicca
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Traditional Wicca
Peace in this circle, I will not quibble about certain trads. I know there are personal feelings about certain traditions, but if bona fides are established, all traditions will be respected here.

Play nice. That includes me, so feel free to spank me back channel if you like. But take correction of the moderator back channel, don't post arguements with me, or you will go back to moderation.

Everyone is welcome to enter the discussion, but initial posts will be moderated and the owner reserves the right to be FMPPH.

The intent of the community is to provide a place for discussion of traditional Wicca, for seekers and trad folk. Bootstrap and other forms of traditions are certainly welcome, but please respect the conventions used here.

No politics! Let me explain, no, that would take too long let me sum up...No Politics.

Zero tolerance for spam, this is not an advertising space.

Zero tolerance for spell begging.

Limited prayer requests, if you ask for help, understand certain conditions must be maintained. If it is not for you personally then you need to make sure you clarify your connection to the person who needs our help. Verify specifics of why this person needs help and wants it from us. Verify the individual actually wants help and is actively doing what is needed to help self. Person is defined as a human being, while I love critters also, don't waste bandwidth asking for help for your pets.

This community defines Wicca as lineaged and related to one of the lines descended from the New Forest area of England. For the purposes of this journal if you are an initiate please find some acceptable manner to identify yourself and verify your bona fides back channel to the owner prior to posting.

Anyone may join this community, but please understand the definition for Wicca is non-negotiable. If you do not understand this definition please feel free to ask.

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